Nonstop Retention consulting

Taking initial steps towards decoupling, non-binding, unsubsidised agreements with customers can be an onerous task.

What impact could this have on net intake?

What incentives need to be put into place to retain the customer?

What impact will higher customer freedom have on subscriber acquisition and retention costs?

What can we learn from other providers – both success and failure?

Will Nonstop Retention lead to better profitability?

These are only some questions we hope to help you answer.

We do this in practice by in-depth consulting on:

  • Inclusive value – your roadmap ahead and recommendations
  • No waste of data – your data plan, possible changes and impacts
  • Contract freedom & fairness – what can you do to simplify your T&Cs
  • Buying experience & rating – how do you compare to competition
  • Community & following – what can you do to grow your following and build an active community
  • Handset flexibility – competitiveness of your handset programmes (including trade-in, insurance, recycling, leasing and financing)