Nonstop Retention Index

30 reasons to stay, but lock-in isn’t one


We have ranked some of the mobile brands of the world according to how well they do in Nonstop Retention.

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The Nonstop Retention Index

30 indicators are considered – weighted according to their retention impact on mobile consumer customers on non-binding contracts in mature markets.

These 30 indicators fall into six different categories:

  1. Inclusive value
  2. No waste of data
  3. Contract freedom & fairness
  4. Buying experience & rating
  5. Community & following
  6. Handset flexibility

The picture illustrates how much weight is given to each category.

The Nonstop Retention Index has a maximum value of 100. Today it’s not realistic to reach 100 – but the index is designed with future in mind. There is no minimum value; it can be significantly below zero for brands without a Nonstop Retention agenda.

With the current standards of mobile brands, we regard 40 and above as good values. The historical industry typical mobile operator would have scored 14.

See how T-Mobile reached an index of 58 and what they can do to improve further

See how Telekom reached an index of -3 and what they can do to improve further

See how TDC reached an index of 25 and what they can do to improve further

See how Elisa reached an index of 31 and what they can do to improve further

See how Free reached an index of 54 and what they can do to improve further

See how Telenor reached an index of 13 and what they can do to improve further

A value below 14 is a warning light for any operator or brand considering going for non-binding contracts. Note that such an operator might still be good in retaining customers through high performance in traditional – and still important – aspects of customer experience as e.g. network quality, customer service , billing and store & webfront. But with a move from lock-in to flexibility and freedom, also new tools are needed. This is what the Nonstop Retention Index measures.

The current leaders per category are:

You find selected proof-points for that brands with high Nonstop Retention indexes are competitive here.