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  • Telenor Norway: Inside-out

    Telenor should be admired for having seen the potential of mobile in developing Asia long before everybody else. Telenor’s operations in e.g. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia have through quality, simplicity and cost efficiency gained significant scale: 55% of the group’s EBITDA originated from Asia in 1H 2015. In its home market, Norway, Telenor is the […]

  • Inclusive value and simplicity make Free the Nonstop Retention runner-up

    Not a single time has Free Mobile changed its prices. Read that again. How many other telcos can say that? In contrast, our industry is full of price changes, price campaigns, introductory prices and discounts. By now, mobile customers know that whatever the offer is this week, there’s no rush: The likelihood of finding an at least […]

  • Unlimited data isn’t everything

    When we today add our 14th mobile brand to the Nonstop Retention Index, it’s from a market which stands out: Finland. In a blog by tefficient, we called Finland “the land of three thousand megabytes”, but that title is now outdated – it should be “the land of five thousand megabytes” looking at the development of […]

  • TDC can’t bind customers for more than 6 months: Content and discounts should make them stay

    Denmark might be a small market, but it’s probably the European country where mobile competition has been the fiercest – and most price-focused – for the longest time. Denmark has only had one price war, but a twenty-year long one. Ad in Copenhagen airport There are four mobile operators in Denmark – TDC, Telenor, Telia and ‘3’ – […]

  • New MagentaMobil: Yet Telekom scores lowest Nonstop Retention Index so far

    Telekom, Germany’s incumbent operator, updated its MagentaMobil postpaid offers two weeks ago. But the changes, including an increase in data volumes, higher throughput (Telekom has tiers) and an increased validity of top-up data weren’t enough for a high Nonstop Retention Index: Telekom is the first brand to join the list with a negative index, -3. The contrast to the top-ranked family member T-Mobile […]

  • T-Mobile USA takes top spot in Nonstop Retention

    When we today launch Nonstop Retention® – our toolbox for how mobile brands should keep customers with non-binding contracts loyal – we also introduce the Nonstop Retention Index. In our first top list – more brands will be listed in the coming months – T-Mobile USA takes the No 1 spot with a Nonstop Retention Index of 58. Even though T-Mobile […]